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LEGOLAND is a chain of Lego-themed theme parks. They are not fully owned by Lego Group itself; rather they are owned and operated by the British theme park company Merlin Entertainment.

 The recreational areas are promoted to lovers, and although they have a number of curler coasters, they are not as numerous or as excessive as those in other recreational areas, and there is a greater focus on trips appropriate for youthful kids.

The recreational areas are divided into various areas, which are common between the recreational areas. For example, all four of the recreational areas consist of a Lego miniland, a style city such as designs of points of interest and moments from around the world created from an incredible number of authentic Lego stones. Other features consist of a Lego Mindstorms center (fun-based learning), Duplo Backyards (for lesser children), Generating area (including points of interest such as University of motoring, Enjoying water sports school, Ballooning school and Flame Academy), My Town, Outrageous Timber, and Knight's Empire.

The parks' trips are all Lego themed; many are created to appear as if they are designed out of Lego stones. They are generally depending on one particular line of Lego: for example, a well-known journey at all four recreational areas is the Monster Rollercoaster, which is generally depending on the Knights' Empire Lego places. Another well-known journey is the University of motoring, in which kids can drive little energy source created to look like Lego vehicles around a little street system, after which they obtain a concept driving certificate. The actual set of trips differs between recreational areas, although as with the Disney world recreational areas there is some overlap.

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LEGOLAND California ( USA )

LEGOLAND California
LEGOLAND California
LEGOLAND California Ride

Legolan CA Miniland Cruise

LEGOLAND Billund ( Denmark )

Legoland Billund
Legoland Billund
Legoland Billund
Legoland Billund
 LEGOLAND Windsor ( England UK )

Legoland Windsor

Dragon Lego land Windsor
Legoland Windsor UK
Legoland Windsor Ride
 LEGOLAND Deutschland ( Günzburg, Germany )

LEGOLAND Deutschland
LEGOLAND Deutschland
LEGOLAND Deutschland - Castile

LEGOLAND Deutschland City
LEGOLAND Florida ( USA )

 LEGOLAND Florida Technic Coaster
 LEGOLAND Florida Kid Power
 LEGOLAND Florida Carnival
  LEGOLAND Malaysia 

LEGOLAND Malaysia Scale Model

LEGOLAND Malaysia Tiger
Sri Perdana LEGO Building

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